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Science confirms that the dachshund can recognize a bad person.

diciembre 20, 2021

Science confirms that the dachshund can recognize a bad person.

They can smell fear, but can they smell truth? Your dog may be smarter than you think. It turns out that dogs are pretty good at detecting human behavior. Science says so. A study was conducted that found that dogs really know whether or not they should believe you.

The study involved fooling the dogs in the name of science. Humans have known for a long time that if you point at an object, a dog will run towards it. The researchers used this information in their study. During the experiment, they pointed to a container that was filled with hidden food. Sure enough, the dog ran to the container. They then pointed to a container that was empty. The dogs ran towards him, but found that he had no food.The third time investigators pointed to a food container, the dogs refused to go to the container. They knew the person he was pointing at was not to be trusted based on their previous experience. 34 dogs were used in the experiment and none of the dogs approached the container a third time. This experiment shows that dogs can detect a liar or that dogs have major trust issues.

In other words, if you lie to your dog, your dog will form the opinion that your word is not good and will behave accordingly. «Dogs have a more sophisticated social intelligence than we thought. This social intelligence evolved selectively in their long life history with humans.The results indicate that dogs prefer predictability. When gestures are inconsistent, dogs tend to get nervous and stressed