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Scalibor or Seresto or Beahpar: the pesticide collars

enero 12, 2021


If you want to protect your dog from parasites and any diseases that derive from them, the best solution is to make him wear a special pesticide collar which has many advantages over the liquids contained in the pipettes. In fact, the collar allows you to no longer have the monthly thought of providing the parasite protection of your dog as it has a long duration. It is also easy to put on and gives greater protection from various parasites.

Since there are different types of anti-parasite collars, it is good to know their characteristics thoroughly in order to make the best choice for your dog. It is however advisable, before using an anti-parasitic collar for your dog, to ask for advice and information from your veterinarian. Here is an overview of the characteristics of the three main types of pesticide collars: the Scalibor collar, the Seresto and the Beaphar.

The Scalibor collar

The collar called Scalibor is a remedy that is at the forefront of the fight against leishmaniasis. In fact, it is the only anti-parasite collar designed to reduce the risk of leishmaniasis in dogs. Thanks to deltamethrin, which is the active ingredient, it manages to keep sand flies away from the animal and prevents them from biting the dog, consequently reducing the risk of transmission of the leishmaniasis disease.

The season in which the sand flies are present starts from spring and usually lasts until the end of autumn. During this long period of the year, dogs living in an area where leishmaniasis is endemically present, can run the risk of being stung by sand flies and therefore of contracting the disease of leishmaniasis. Therefore it is important to resort to a specific type of protection such as the pesticide collar called Scalibor.

Scalibor is able to reduce the risk of transmission of leishmaniasis as it produces a triple effect: the «antifeeding», «knock down» and «lethal» effect. In fact, the sand flies that come into contact with the skin of the dog that has been treated with Scalibor are immediately disturbed in their search for a point in which to sting and therefore are removed from the dog, they fall and die within 24 hours.

The Scalibor collar is indicated not only for sand flies, but also for fleas and ticks. Scalibor therefore has a lasting effect on both sand flies and fleas and ticks, as well as for mosquito bites. It provides protection for the dog for up to 12 months for sand flies, up to 6 months for ticks and mosquitoes and 4 months for fleas. There will therefore be no need for frequent applications and there will be no risk of forgetting. The Scalibor collar is also comfortable and easy to use and its effectiveness is absolutely not impaired by a bath. Scalibor can also be used on puppies older than 7 weeks, during pregnancy or lactation. Its effectiveness is proven by a long experience: in fact, many dogs in the world have been treated with the Scalibor collar for over 13 years.

The Seresto collar

Seresto is a completely innovative type of anti-parasite collar suitable for both dogs and cats and which protects animals from flea and tick bites for a period of 8 months. This collar has been designed with a technology called Polymer Matrix that allows the release of doses, in a controlled way, of two active ingredients even for a long period. In fact, these substances are transferred to the skin and coat of the animal and spread over the whole body, protecting it completely.

The Seresto collar, in addition to protecting the dog from fleas, also manages to protect the surrounding environment, in which flea larvae can develop, always for a period of 8 months. It also manages to repel and kill ticks too. As for the Seresto collar for the cat, it is equipped with a particular closing mechanism that opens if the cat gets caught. The Seresto collar was created with a combination of innovative materials that allows it to release the active ingredients according to controlled and low doses so that the dog remains protected from fleas and ticks for a period of up to 8 months.

The Beaphar collar

The Beaphar anti-parasite collar is a type of collar with the active ingredient of Diazinone. It is indicated for the treatment of both flea and tick infestations in dogs. The collar indicated for dogs from an age of 3 months. This collar is completely effective: within a few hours from the moment the dog wears the Beaphar pesticide collar, the subject is found to have the total disappearance of both fleas and lice which die, fall to the ground or spontaneously or in following a thorough brushing.

As for the ticks, the fall time is slightly longer, even if a good brushing allows you to remove most of the parasites after only 24 hours. The Beaphar anti-parasite collar prevents re-infestation of various types of parasites. Thanks to the typical characteristics of its active ingredient, the collar is absolutely not afraid of humidity and does not lose effectiveness if immersed in water or when it is found in the rain. The duration of the effectiveness of the Beaphar anti-parasite collar is up to 4 months. It is recommended that the dog wear the collar with approximately 2 fingers of space between the pet’s neck and the collar.