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Research shows that losing a BULLDGOD is just as hard as LOSING A LOVED ONE

enero 20, 2023

Bulldog are not just animal companions or home pets. Anyone who’s ever owned a Bulldog before will tell you that their dog is also a member of their family. Sadly, unlike humans, a dog’s lifespan isn’t that long. Depending on its breed, a dog’s life usually averages from 10 to 13 years only.

They just can’t be with us that long, that’s why losing a Bulldog is just as hard or could even be harder than losing a loved one. It might sound unbelievable but it’s true.

While real Bulldog lovers mourn over the death of their beloved pet, some people will relentlessly tell them “it’s just a dog” or “you need to move on»

Las almohadillas de los bulldog son muy sensibles

Some people don’t get it, losing a  Bulldog isn’t easy and it will never be. Moving on from losing a beloved pet is easier said than done. Although you can have another dog after, starting over again is not going to be easy.

In fact, scientific research proves that the pain a person feels after losing a bulldog is valid and real. It can even be harder to move on from losing a pet than losing a human loved one. It may sound absurd to some but it’s one of the many things they discovered from the research. We normally bond with our Bulldog the same way we do with humans, like family and friends. And during this process, hormones and chemicals are released in our brain.

Also, whenever we spend time with either an bulldog or a person, it’s not hard to feel emotionally connected with them. They become dear to our hearts, so when the time comes that they cross the rainbow bridge, the pain is also immeasurable. Now the last question is, why is losing a bulldog harder to get over compared to the death of a human being? It’s simply because there’s no such thing as an “acceptable” way to mourn that loss.

There are plenty of ways to get over the loss of a loved one. We have other family members, relatives, and friends who can help us get through the pain. This is particularly when they also had the same experience before, they could use that experience to help us move on.

Other ways like counseling or therapy can also be helpful. Using such ways through difficult times is valid and you will never be judged for it.Sadly, we can’t do the same when a pet dies.

When your beloved Bulldog dies, you are just expected to “let go” and “forget.” Some people don’t have any idea what it’s like to lose a pet. They don’t know the beautiful memories you’ve created with them, that’s why it is so easy for them to say such things.

Someone who lost a furry friend can’t delay things, postpone outings, cancel meetings, and be absent from work. You can’t do any of these just because you lost a furry loved one because to some, it’s a poor excuse.

It’s hard to move forward after this type of loss simply because there are not many resources that could help you do it. The worst part about it is when you just try to hide the pain from everyone.It is indeed a dangerous way but that’s all you have left. Unbearable damage within.

Psychologist Julie Axelrod said that when we lose a loved one, we also lose a source of comfort and unconditional love. All the things that you used to do with them will be gone, and that’s unimaginable!

When we talk about the things that you used to do with them, there’s walking them outside, feeding them, cuddling with them, and even reading them a book. Once your Bulldog is gone, so as those daily routines, and you can’t ignore that sudden change in your life.

Do you also remember those movie scenes when people start to see things that remind them of the existence of someone who’s already gone? That happens even in real-life situations. Those little details at home that will remind you of them, remembering them almost every day is inevitable.

Despite all these, always remember that you’re feelings are valid and it is totally okay not to be okay when you lose your beloved pet.