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Pluto, you messy dog

enero 12, 2021

He is one of the characters created by Walt Disney who is part of the set of the main characters of cartoons and comics. It appears for the first time in 1930, year in which Pluto was discovered the last (at that time) planet in our solar system but it is only at the end of April 1931 that it appears in a cartoon as we know it.

For astrology he is of the sign of taurus and of the second sign he has a light-hearted and playful behavior. It is a hound breed dog therefore endowed with an excellent nose and perpetually hungry.

The messy dog

It is a dog that he never loses his good humor and wants to participate at all costs in his master’s life. When it doesn’t happen, even just because you went out on business, he messes up and messes everything up. But it’s not just lack of attention, he’d like to do something in his own way that can be noticed upon your return. He would eat at any time of the day and if he doesn’t like the food he prefers a bone-shaped snack.

Taurus – Second sign

For astrology it is an earth sign, this element is traditionally linked to mother earth and her generosity. The ancients had linked the characteristics of the bull with the planet Venus (beauty and harmony) and the Moon (perfect cycles and rhythm). The religion of the Great Mother, a cult preceding the patriarchy affirmed with the Christian religion, saw the presence of the Goddess Demeter, teacher of the full moon and single mother. Equipped with exceptional practical features, to perform a job must receive detailed explanations.

The Bull Hound

He has a good and peaceful disposition as many natives of this sign possess. He follows the rules you give him very carefully and is a faithful friend for your days, an excellent hunting dog but also a companion. Fidelity is the characteristic that connects the breed of the hound to the sign of the bull, if you conquer it it will be forever. He needs to go out often and see new places, just so he will keep his formidable sense of smell working.