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Persian or European?

enero 12, 2021

It is certainly not new to think that the choice of a certain type of cat can represent one direction suggested by what you want to compensate or unconsciously own. You also know that cats are not all the same and do not even have the same character, so I think it is important to choose the most suitable cat breed for you with full awareness. But is it better to compensate or follow the need to look in the mirror? The choice is yours as long as it is guided by a healthy need.



It is a breed that comes from Persia or from Asia Minor. It has very precise characteristics: flattened muzzle, short legs, small ears and a long hair that must be taken care of very carefully. It is a very quiet cat, does not need large spaces and has a regal attitude. It was also Queen Victoria’s favorite cat.


Do you want a cuddly cat or you also want to treat it like a child; do not choose it if you are a dynamic person and not at home. If you want it the same think of a cat sitter =) The Persian cat needs a lot of care and will make you understand well if you are not treating it right. It will do so thanks to some typical feline behaviors. If you scold him, his already sulky muzzle will be even more so. I see this type of cat for those born on land and water or who need to somehow compensate for these elements in the horoscope …


It’s the cat who it was considered a deity by the ancient Egyptians, therefore a cat with a lot of history and long tradition. He then landed in Europe with the ships of the Phoenicians who took him with them for his great ability to hunt mice. It was then the Romans who spread it throughout the territory of their empire. It is a lively cat, with a muscular body, straight ears and large eyes.


You want a cat that acts like a cat, that is homely but also eager to go out every day for a little while. Do not choose it if you want to feel comfortable when you get home, because he will want to play at all times. You won’t be able to block his hunting instincts, when he brings you a lizard or a bird you will have to smile and stroke him instead of scolding him. I see this type of cat for those born on fire and air or who need to somehow compensate for these elements in the horoscope …