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Maine Coon or Carthusian?

enero 12, 2021

The choice of the suitable feline for you can also pass from the knowledge of your personality; as often explained in my posts, the tendency is to somehow compensate for what is missing in your horoscope instead of simply representing it. Maine Coon is Carthusian, they are two docile cats that meow little, even if with a very different character. The first is more homely, the second more independent. The first is cuddly, the second is not …

MAINE COON It is one of the oldest Native American breeds, perhaps spread by the state that bears its name. Given the soft coat and the long and full-bodied tail it is said to have been a cross between a Norwegian forest cat brought by the Vikings and a raccoon.

maine coon

Whether it’s true or not, it’s a large feline, which loves water very much unlike most domestic felines.


The Maine Coon has a character docile, meows a little and is not aggressive at all, it seems perfect if you are looking for a cat to cuddle but you must have a good financial availability because this feline has a lot of appetite given its size =).

It’s a cat of habit that is gladly caressed. If left outdoors, it recovers its excellent ability to hunt, thanks to its long hair it does not suffer from cold or rain. I see it suitable if you have a moon of water or earth or you need to recover the value of these elements in some way.

CARTOSINO CAT: imported into France from the East (Turkey and Iran) apparently even by the Knights Templar, it is a special cat even if only for the legends concerning him. Raised by the monks who hosted the crusaders in the Holy Land, the Carthusian is an excellent hunter of mice, thus defending granaries and manuscripts. It was the most loved by General Charles de Gaulle and the writer Colette.


The cat dal gray-blue coat he has a meek and faithful disposition so as to be called cat dog, you will find him behind the door waiting for you and if he chooses you as his guide, he will only accept your orders. It is an independent but visceral cat.

It does not require special care but a little of your attention, you will get lost in his eyes every time you look at him. He doesn’t like cuddles except when he decides to receive them. I see it suitable if you have a moon of fire or air or you need to recover the value of these elements in some way.