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Kiki’s hairy stockings

enero 12, 2021


Befane Mothers, this “recipe-job” is for you! Whether you are mothers of human puppies or furry babies of any kind, this is your time!

If you can buy socks for your children at the supermarket, this type of sock … is much less boring and you have to prepare it from scratch, with your own hands! And who could give you such a crazy idea? The Kiki! Because I care about parties. And I also care about your animals.

Come on let’s get to work!

If you have a dog you can decide to do one sock in the shape of a stick, tennis ball or bone shape… Or even in the shape of a paw.

Think about it and get some baking paper. Draw the desired shape with a pencil and make it large enough to «contain the hunger» of your 4-legged dog, for example if you have a Maremma like me, make a BIG bone-shaped sock, if you have a dachshund, well… don’t overdo it, just a tennis ball!

Once you have drawn the shape, cut it out and decide whether to close it with a needle and cotton thread or washi tape (very beautiful colored paper scotch). Close the sock leaving a nice hole from which you will insert the food you want to give to your dog. We avoid crap huh? I advise you to insert strips of roast chicken or meat or fish balls and then vegetables such as: steamed baby carrots, boiled potato cubes or peas. A classic and no frills but super tasty menu.

If you have a cat, do the exact same gestures I described above but change the ingredients. You could fill the sock with 4 small balls of well-cooked rice and a nice baked salmon fillet with some (few) pitted olives. You will see some good ones.

If you really don’t have time to cook then you can buy a packet of prizes from Lily’s Kitchen (which are delicious and healthy) and use those … but only this time huh!

Moms of cats or dogs, remember:

  • insert the ingredients cold
  • close that little hole that we initially left open
  • stand next to your pet while he unwraps (paws and bites) the sock