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How to get your dog to play kong

enero 12, 2021


Who says that a dog’s well-being depends solely and exclusively on grooming or nutrition? Nothing more wrong. Those who have adopted a credit line know perfectly well that their needs are numerous and diverse. A four-legged friend in perfect shape is a dog that runs and has fun, it is an animal that plays. In this sense, the game is not only the moment able to keep it active but also and above all the means with which to cement the relationship between animal and master, the expedient with which to build indelible memories.


On the reference market there is a wide range of games and gifts that allow you to share quality time with your four-legged friend: cotton toys, soccer balls, nice chicken legs, rubber bones, etc. Each game has the ability to physically and intellectually stimulate your friend in different ways. Among the possible choices, however, there is Kong, the original, bouncy and fun game. Kong gum has a soft, non-toxic and chewable consistency; the toy is made with super-resistant, bouncy natural rubber, created to be chewed and filled with delicious snacks. This fun pastime keeps the dog busy in order to prevent him from chewing the furniture, to keep him busy during the absence of the owner, to stimulate his mind with the discovery of new solutions.

Kong, in fact, allows the owner to build different leisure situations from time to time, from simple games to more advanced ones: the game jumps and bounces in a completely unexpected way, it is a stimulating challenge for the play and hunting instinct of every dog (especially when it hides small snacks inside), and is used in the dog training process (silence training, carrier training and so on). but yet It is essential to carefully choose the Kong that is best suited to your dog, to meet his exclusive needs for psychophysical development: in the painful period of teething, precisely because the puppy is naturally inclined to bite any object within his reach, Kongs can be used to help promote the outflow of growing teeth and accustom the dog to correct chewing; in the period of growth, when the teeth and the bite are strengthened, one must opt ​​for toys capable of sustaining such a change; in old age, when the dog has severely reduced physical activity due to various health problems, you can use gentle Kongs designed to continue to stimulate him.

Either way, using the Kong is simple and fun. You can engage the four-legged friend in throw and carry games. The owner can sit at one end of a corridor and throw a Kong to the opposite end, to let the dog chase and bring the toy back (only by rewarding him with a caress or a snack when he brings the game back will be possible to start. to bond with him).

You can involve the four-legged friend a find the prize. The owner can ask the dog to sit still while hiding Kongs in different places. Once this stage is over, you might encourage the dog to search for the hidden colorful toys by sprinkling a series of treats along the discovery paths (or you could make the recovery phase more difficult by increasing the distance between one morsel and the next). The prize finding game is a clever way to keep him busy even in unusual situations (often sources of stress, boredom and bad behavior). The variety of different puzzles, especially when filled with tasty food, will keep the dog’s interest and involvement alive.

You can involve the dog inchasing a Frisbee. By spinning a Kong Frisbee on the floor, turning the disc to the side with a rolling throw, you can push the dog in pursuit of the toy.

Regardless of how you choose to play with the Kong, this colorful cone-shaped toy seems to appeal to both dogs and owners: as soon as the dog begins to bite his Kong he sets in motion an activity that allows the release of endorphins, the chemicals that transform him into a peaceful animal, relaxed and less stressed; at the same time, the owner will be able to keep the paw friend busy in a fun and stimulating game, in an occupation with an educational approach (and able to prepare him to be alone).

In this sense, the Kong manages to provide the dog with new skills and unique abilities, teaches him to remain calm in front of new situations and therefore to find alternative solutions. The Kong is the colored stimulus capable of interacting with the dog, of ‘forcing’ him to find new expedients to previously unknown problems (where is the Kong? How do you get the food out?). Obviously it is necessary to provide concrete answers to such a commitment (mainly the dog should be allowed to eat the snacks contained within the toy).

The versatility of the Kong game allows you to move on to new and exciting adventures, to hide it in unusual places such as the house or the garden and to fill it with tasty pates. The game can be used to meet the needs of those dogs on the hunt for physical and mental stimuli, to interest four-legged friends prone to a relaxed lifestyle or boredom, to unaccustom them to indiscriminate chewing, to motivate dogs to eat, and the like.

Create gods new and interesting paths of play with the Kongs allows to satisfy the natural instinct of every paw friend (such as barking, marking the territory, biting and so on). A dog that plays is a happy animal, it is a trust that does not run the risk of acquiring inappropriate behaviors.