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Greyhound or mastiff: which dog to choose?

enero 12, 2021

While dogs may all look the same, there are some substantial differences, including behavior. Just these little things are what can help you choose the right dog for your personality because as you know better than me, our pets make up for something we don’t have. With this short post I hope to help you if you are about to choose a dog or if you already own one …



It is a dog with a lean build and long legs, elongated muzzle; it is fast and dynamic, a perfect companion for sports or hunting activities. It is the dog that is trained and that follows the master like a shadow. It is usually identified as a greyhound but by translation it can be any type of tracker dog. The veltro is also mentioned in the Divine Comedy of Dante, precisely in the first canto of the Inferno. The interpretation of the symbol leads to the idea that the greyhound could be a famous historical figure who would have saved Italy (perhaps Cangrande della Scala). In today’s common imagination, however, the greyhound is the racing dog.


Were you born air or fire (gemini libra aquarius or aries leo and sagittarius) or you were born in other signs but you are a dynamic person who runs and reaches the goal, who wants to know the world and does not dwell too much on complicated issues. Choose it if you want to increase the pace of your life, if you want a dog that follows your orders and is obedient, if you have a strong sense of command. Choose it if you are afraid of losing control of your life.


It is a dog of massive build, with very large legs and head, it does not shine for speed but he can get what he wants just by barking; it is suitable for guarding your home or for your personal defense. In modern times a Molosser is synonymous with a large dog, while for the ancients it was a real breed. The word mastino is also mentioned in the works of Dante and Boccaccio and like the previous term it has been linked to members of the Veronese family of the Scaligeri.


If you were born water or earth (cancer scorpio pisces or taurus virgo capricorn) or you were born in other signs but you are a person who needs to be protected and is afraid of being invaded by the energy of others. Choose it if you want to feel comfortable and you want to develop an exclusive relationship with your four-legged, if you want him to lead some things of your day and if you are not afraid that he will take command of your life (in the myths of the possible of course).