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Dog pools: cool fun

enero 12, 2021


Is it hot and your pet wants to cool off and have fun? Then you may need a dog pool. Many dogs love water, indeed it can be safely said that they suffer if they cannot get wet, dive, play in the water, unfortunately, however, most beaches and swimming pools forbid access to dogs. The need to dive increases especially in summer when the high temperatures can become a real torture for the four-legged friend. The dog’s thermoregulation system is different from that of us humans, they do not expel heat with sweat and consequently a cool bath in the hot hours can help them to suffer less. I also remind you that it is wrong to think of cutting the dog’s coat thinking that it is cooler. The need for a dip in the water is typical of dogs that have webbed paws and are therefore genetically inclined to swim, such as Newfoundlands and Labradors. Obviously, this genetic predisposition can also have it all dogs that are born from crosses with these dogs.

Other dogs, despite not having a predisposition, are led to play with the water which in summer is a real relief. Even if your dog does not show since he was a puppy that he loves water, it is good that you get used to a good relationship with this element, otherwise you risk fomenting his fear and consequently every bath will be a trauma. To achieve this you need a dog pool. In fact, dog pools also have a therapeutic effect because they allow for proper skeletal muscle development for the dog, obviously you have to choose a size that allows the dog to go for a swim.

How to choose dog pools


Dog pools should be chosen primarily based on the size of the dog. Choosing a pool that is too small can create discomfort for the dog who may even avoid diving due to the small size. There are several models on the market which are themselves available in different sizes. The first is a classic: the inflatable pool. This is particularly cheap, but has some drawbacks, that is, it breaks easily, especially if the dog is very impetuous and tends to use his nails and teeth a lot. This pool is therefore suitable for very docile dogs, who love water but are also quite delicate (a small dog is not necessarily delicate, some are really very energetic).

Obviously, since these are swimming pools designed for dogs, they are made with resistant materials, so a dip is not enough to break it, but it is good to pay attention, for example by putting a waxed sheet on the bottom that can increase its resistance. The second option is the foldable dog pools.

These are perfect for large dogs because, despite having a respectable size, once stored they take up very little space and are therefore ready for the following summer. They are made of resistant plastic and in most cases reinforced at the edges, in this way even the most impetuous dog can have fun without ruining the pool at the first dive. As these are tubeless models you will not need pumps to inflate them and they are ready in no time. The pools for dogs can be placed in the garden, in this way, even if there are splashes of water, it will not be necessary to clean, or they can be placed on terraces, balconies. When you decide to buy folding dog pools pay attention to the materials, they must be resistant. The bottom of the pool must have a grooved surface so that the dog does not risk getting hurt by diving and playing, moreover the material must be such as to resist scratches and any small bites that the dog could give, especially if a puppy.

If you decide to put the pool in the garden it is preferable that you choose a model with a cover, in this way you avoid that leaves, dust, earth, can dirty the dog’s water. Remember that the pool must be filled to about 60%, if you find that this level could be dangerous for your dog, choose a lower one.

Pools for dogs and owners to live in perfect symbiosis

Do you have a lot of space and want an experience to live with your dog? In this case you can choose to buy a swimming pool suitable for a four-legged friend and human. These are large pools, with a rustproof metal structure. Usually these are square in shape so that there is no comfort for both of us. You can choose super-equipped models even with toys for dogs and a small shower. These dog pools are recommended if the dog can also swim and therefore does not risk even if the water is particularly high and suitable for humans. These models are usually more expensive, but also more resistant and in most cases equipped with a repair kit that ensures their durability even if the dog is impetuous.

The dog pools are equipped with an easy drainage system, just open the valve at the base to empty it and maybe replace the dirty water with clean water. Before refilling it, it is advisable to clean the bottom of the pool on which hair, earth and other dirt may have deposited.