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Does Snoopy sleep or meditate?

enero 12, 2021

The cute dog has recently returned to the fore for the release of a feature film that has brought the characters back to life creatidto Charles M. Shultz, it made its appearance in October 1950 and is therefore libra for astrology.


It is a dog of the Beagle breed that does not have the classic characteristics of four legs, thinks a lot, writes, sleeps outside the kennel instead of inside, plays with great imagination and becomes Joe Falchetto wearing a pair of dark glasses and a colored sweater. He strongly believes in friendship, his best friends are his owner Charlie Brown and the little bird Woodstock.

The thinker dog

It is a dog normally connected to the symbols of the air element, he is a four-legged with lively intelligence, he understands things on the fly and is endowed with great curiosity. Like the Beagle, it sticks its muzzle everywhere and is particularly sensitive to scents. At certain times of the day he looks out the window and observes very carefully everything that moves before his eyes, when you sit down to read he sits next to you and seems to share your thoughts.

Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac

The sign of libra, in ancient times was connected with that of scorpio, only later was it divided and became a real sign. The scales were the claws of the scorpion. It is considered one of the most spiritual in astrology, it represents the inner life and therefore has the ability to give meaning to everything that happens, it does not stop at appearance. Despite having a strong aesthetic sense, the scale also looks inside people’s hearts and not just outside.

The beagle balances

Endowed with a particular intelligence like those born in the air signs (Libra is one of them), he is a perfect dog for the family and for company despite being born for hunting. He does not bark much and this can be linked to the characteristics of the Libra sign, always far from gratuitous aggression and confrontation as an end in itself. If the connection with the seventh sign is right I can imagine that like the Libra, the Beagle is very fond of the company of children and is very attached to the house where he lives.