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Cooling mats for dogs

enero 12, 2021

What are refreshing dog mats for?? Cooling mats for dogs and cats are the best solution to help your best friend cope with the summer heat. In fact, dogs do not have the ability to regulate their body temperature through perspiration, like humans. Dogs do not sweat and can only expel excess heat by panting and through the tips of their paws. For dogs, the risk of heat stroke is very real, because by panting they are able to dissipate much less heat than a man can do by sweating. Furthermore, it must be considered that, although many dog ​​breeds change their hair every season, your best friend is still much more covered than you and does not have the opportunity to undress when he is hot. A refreshing dog mat allows him to lie down on a very cool surface and thus find some relief from summer temperatures. A cooling mat allows you to dissipate a lot of heat, because lying on the cool mat also the dog’s temperature decreases.

The use of these mats is completely safe for the health of the dog and their use is recommended in particular for the categories of animals most at risk which, as for humans, are mainly puppies and the elderly. The only precaution to keep in mind is that excessive cold can damage the dog’s muscles, so the mats should be used only in times when the heat is excessive and their use is necessary. When the temperature is already mild they could damage the dog’s health, just as lying down on an icy surface, on an already cold day, can reasonably damage any organism. Dogs generally get used to using cooling pads easily. When it’s hot outside your dog will find it very pleasant to lie down on a cool surface and after trying it, he will probably learn to look for it especially when he is warmer.

How a Dog Cooling Mat Works

refreshing mats what they are and what they are for

The refreshing mats for dogs contain a particular gel that is activated on contact with the animal and, through a complex chemical process, releases cold. The mechanism is similar to what keeps synthetic ice cool. To activate a mat, simply follow the instructions on the packaging and on the product label, which are generally very simple. The mat will almost immediately begin to develop a pleasant coolness that will have a different duration depending on the model and size of the mat. The best performing models can remain active even 5 days after activation.

Meanwhile, the mat can be easily moved, for example to accompany you and the dog on a hike. The mattress is thin and can be folded and carried comfortably anywhere. The gel contained in the mat is completely non-toxic and there are no health risks if the dog accidentally swallows it. For the wildest dogs who tend to nibble a bit of everything, there are also models without gel, which however have a shorter duration. Most models are made of waterproof nylon with heat-sealed seams or polyester. This means that they are easily washable, as you just need to wipe them with a damp cloth. The mats are made specifically for dogs, so they are designed to be resistant to their teeth.

Obviously, a particularly avid dog will not struggle to get over the nylon coating, however resistant. For this reason the gel and the contents of the mat have been made with completely non-toxic materials. Obviously, any ingestion of large quantities of gel, nylon fibers and other material should still be reported to a veterinarian.

Sizes and models of cooling mattresses for dogs

Cooling dog mats are available in different sizes, from one for very large dogs to one for smaller sizes. Most of the cooling pads are based on the same technology, the most important difference is between the models with gels and those that do not. The best quality models are made with several separate cold rooms, so that the gel does not concentrate all in the middle of the mat.

Thanks to the nylon surface, the cooling mats are easily washable: just a damp cloth. The moment of washing is also an opportunity to check the surface of the mattress: damaged devices should not be used, even if the gel contained is non-toxic, avoiding accidental ingestion is always the best thing. The cost of a cooling mat can vary a lot based on several factors. First of all, the brand affects the final price, because each company decides at what price to sell its products. The smaller mats generally have lower costs, because they use less material and, in particular, less cooling gel. Prices can also vary significantly depending on the retailer. Cooling dog mats are available in many colors and with different patterns.

These products are fast becoming very popular with dog and cat owners and therefore finding them for sale is not particularly difficult. All well-stocked pet shops should have at least a few models available. If you can’t find them at your trusted retailer, you can always ask to order one, so your dog can also enjoy some refreshment on the hottest summer days.