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9 Ways to Spoil Your Frenchie

noviembre 20, 2019

1-Talk to your French Bulldog


Studies using MRI technology show dogs understand human language better than previously thought. So talking out loud to your dog isn’t as crazy as you might think. Ceci

2-Share soft, deep eye contact

Kiwi is just hanging out! French Bulldog cuteness.

While staring down a dog in a forceful manner will spark aggression, when a dog gives you long, lingering eye contact, it’s a way of saying “I love you.” A recent study shows that oxytocin, the ‘love chemical,’ goes up in both dogs and humans when they share a kind gaze. SSH

3-Lean On Me

Did you know that a French Bulldog leaning against you is a sign of love and trust? Leaning against your dog is a great way to add a little love boost to your dog’s day.

After a hard day Dad hugs me and says 'Theo is the best medicine!' 仕事が大変だった日、 camille fortunet

4-Sleep Next to Each Other

If you don’t care to let your dog in bed with you, even an afternoon snooze on the couch together will relax both you and your dog.

Only a French Bulldog can sleep like this ; ) christophe

5-Walk Together

Shared experiences and training sessions build trust, communication, and partnership. Walks and adventures give plenty of opportunity to work on skills like loose leash walking and recall. Dogs thrive on routine and schedule, so a daily walk with training mixed in help them understand how much you love and care.

French Bulldog Madame La Souris

6-Share a Relaxing Massage or Groom Session

This one’s a no-brainer. Just touching your dog releases oxytocin in the giver and receiver, so a soothing massage, gentle grooming session, or extended petting time will tell your dog in no uncertain terms how you feel.


Most dogs love to play. Playing with their person is even better. Instead of the normal game of fetch, try something new like Hide & Seek or Treasure Hunt. This will keep the dog mentally stimulated and make her happy to be with her owner. IL0Na34 N00R

8-Homemade Treats

Whip up some yummy homemade treats. They can be as simple as chicken broth frozen in ice cube trays, put forth a little effort making peanut butter biscuits or as complicated as carrot cupcakes.

. Paty Tann

9-Long Car ride

It’s not just us humans that enjoy a good road trip. If your dog loves a leisurely car ride, pick a good weather day to take your pup out for a trip. Make sure they are properly secured. It can be part of a destination pampering day because …

Chloe patiently watching out the car window. Frenchie face Delphine LESAGE CADEL