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9 things every chihuahua owner knows

agosto 10, 2022

It’s likely no surprise to Chihuahua owners, but growing research suggests that man’s best friend often acts more human than canine.

1. Chihuahua have their own style.

Eddie the chihuahua | cute dog on Instagram: “When you come out rocking your new outfit and your mum's stolen your look...⁠ ⁠ @eddie.thechihuahua…”

2. Chihuahua can read facial expressions.

These close canine observations result in a form of communication. As most Chihuahua owners acknowledge, our dogs recognize our facial expressions. A frown tells a pup something is amiss and a smile makes his tail wag.


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3. It´s Like having a tiny, Needy Baby 

Chihuahuas like nothing better than to clamber up on you to demand cuddles and baby talk.

Micro Teacup Blue Chocolate Chihuahua | via Tumblr

4. They Have No Idea That They Are Small.

Chihuahuas are seemingly born without the fear gene. Chihuahua race up to other dogs of any size and bounce around in an attempt to get them to play. They make fantastic guard dogs.

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5. They Will Attempt To Eat Anything

There is endless potential for choking with a tiny hound. Every chihuahua owner has, at some point, pondered how they would perform the Heimlich manoeuvre on such a minuscule creature.

9GAG - Chihuahua Eats Strawberry Passionately In Slow Motion | Facebook | By 9GAG | This is cute and terrifying at the same time. 🍓

6. They don’t need to be carried everywhere

Contrary to popular opinion, chihuahuas are ‘proper’ dogs just in miniature. Even young ones are perfectly capable of walking fairly long distances, so long as you’re careful to keep them fit and not strain baby bones.

Devil Pets — Obi & Lucke #chihuahua #dog #perro #puppies #cute...


7. Chihuahuas like to burrow

Chihuahuas are notorious for their burrowing habits. New owners learn very quickly to pat down any soft furnishings before sitting, for fear of squishing a sleeping cute.

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8. They are social media royalty.
Even if you’ve always sworn blind that you’d never do it, within a fortnight of taking a chihuahua into your home you will be considering share photo in your Facebook page.

ES. Fotos de perros. — Shy foto de la chihuahua raza de perro

9. They love fuss and adoration

Because they know they’re worth it.

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