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8 Reasons Your Boxer Is So Over You

septiembre 14, 2020

Hey humans, it might seem like we all have a deep connection, but if you dig through a few furry wrinkles, you’ll find out that we’ve got some real issues with you.

Here are 8 reasons we are NOT your best friends:

Snort breath snort,


1.You always get our worst angle.
“Don’t you know by now that I photograph best from the left?! We’ve been together for 3 YEARS! It’s like you’re TRYING to make me look bad.”

2- You make us go shopping. “Why are you always taking me to Home Depot even though you KNOW I don’t like to ‘do it myself’? Also, if you say ‘I’m not making you go shopping you GET to go shopping’ one more time, I’m gonna sh*t in your bed.”

3- You taunt us with treats. “It LOOKS close enough that I might be able to reach it, but then it moves when I try to get it. Maybe if I just stare at it long enough it will just fall into my mouth. Stare. Staaaaare. STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARE.”

4- You make us wake up before we’re ready. Which is to say, you make us wake up. “Have you ever heard of beauty sleep? Well I need all of it.”

5- You humiliate us with polyester.


6- You say our farts stink. thug Boxer “If you just cooked me that grass-fed, organic beef every night like I told you to, my farts would smell like candy. But since you fill me with this garbage kibble, this aroma bouquet is on you.”

7- You always want us to walk faster pug tongue “I go the speed I go! Don’t rush me! Good things take time and I am the best thing.”

8- You make us go to bed. “Shhhhhh this tastes awful but I’m already too far in to stop now! Why did I agree to this? Thwarted by my love of treats!”