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16 Reasons Dachshunds Are The Worst Breed To Own

julio 19, 2020

We love all animals, every shape and size. But when it comes to some breeds of dogs, we feel it is our responsibilty to warn our loyal readers of the most terrifying breeds around.And the one we are focussing on this week is the Dachshund. Even saying their dreaded name makes us quake in our boots. Though small, they are mighty. It is shocking how many people seem to carry these little devils around, we simply cannot understand it. They are truly vile creatures.

Here’s proof in 16 photos:

1- From day 1, they are intent on making your life a misery.


2- Don’t think you can pick one of these up in your hand, they’ll attack!


3- They hide in the most unexpected places, ready to pounce at any moment.

4- And pretend to love playing with all their toys, but it’s just a ruse.

5-They absolutely hate hanging out with fellow Dachshunds .


6- They’d never dream of playing with one.


7- That’s definitely not a baby monkey hugging a Dachshund puppy…


8- They are appalled by the slightest touch from a human.



9- And they’re never up for an adventure with you.

10- Dachshunds are also incapable of relaxing.

11- And they hate being made to dress up warm in the cold, winter months.

12- Their deadliest form of attack is ear-licking.

13-They could never make you laugh.

14- Or melt your heart by doing something ‘cute’.

15- They are the greediest dog breed ever to exist.

16- Dachshunds have no variety, they all look the same.